Thursday, April 19, 2012

To all the pet people

Dog people are an interesting breed. Is it weird to take a face full of slobber and enjoy it? Or as a grown man to talk to your dog in your best "baby voice"? It's not normal by any means but we'll never change. A dog owner knows when he of she looks into the eyes of their furry companion that we are their world. That commitment and trust is something I know I charrish in my chocolate lab, Maggie-Mae. She would follow me off a bridge if I jumped.
Working at Pet Stop of WNY is different than anywhere else. I mean imagine a bounding 80+ pound furry  animal greeting you at any other office building. Most people wouldn't look forward to that exactly, but the dog lovers that come into Pet Stop of WNY couldn't be happier to have Maggie express her love for them with saliva.
And being in the field for trainings has taught me that not every pet or every pet owner has the trust and commitment that Maggie and I share.
Our Pet Stop perimeter systems run on trust, that ingredient cannot be replaced or skippd over. We have to let our pets know that we are not going to lead them into harm. Although the system does correct them for pushing the boundaries, we work very hard with pets and their owners to establish these boundaries before and correction is necessary.
Maggie and I will be making our way across western new york with the rest of the Pet Stop crew keeping pets safe and their owners at ease. Check out some of our fans and the pups for our, "Pup of the Month" contest on our facebook page to earn a night out on us. Just upload a picture of your dog to enter and we'll select one winner each month.

Pet Stop of WNY
3670 North Buffalo Rd
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